The Magic of
Castello di Casalborgone

Welcome to the castle of Casalborgone, a magical place that is going to be renovated into a unique hotel with the elegance of living as one of its main focuses.


This castle won’t be sleeping any more!

While waiting for its doors to be opened as a luxury boutique hotel and events venue in 2018, the castle can, as of now, be used for any type of photographic or film shoot.

You can book the castle as a shooting location even during the renovation period since this has been carefully been planned so as not to interfere with any photo or video production.

The renovation of Castello di Casalborgone has just begun!

The luxury and beauty of the castle will once again shine through by maintaining a great deal of elements of the past, including the ageing signs of some of the walls. Many of these will in fact not be repainted, but will instead be preserved.


Whether you only require the castle as a shooting location or if you need support for any part of your productions, we are here to assist you and make your shooting experience an unforgettable one!

From photography by Andrea Belluso for anything from fashion and beauty, corporate photography, portraiture, food, automobiles, interiors, jewellery and appliances, to stlyling of any type, to hair and make-up artists and even models, we have amazing teams of the highest competence, reputation and caliber ready to deliver what you desire and much more!