About Castello di Casalborgone

The castle can be used for all stills and video productions, even during the renovation project, since this will be carefully planned so as not to interfere with the productions, in spite of the fact that the castle is also waiting in excitement to be opened as a luxury hotel and events venue in 2018.

Although Castello di Casalborgone today is in a state of abandonment (which adds to the wonderful energy of the castle as a shooting location), and the renovation works will transform it into a place of luxury and beauty, many of the elements of the past will remain intact, although preserved, to blend the magic of the past with that of the new future of this wonderful location


Castello di Casalborgone dates form 999 and has an incredible history of noble families, of wars, of parties, of extreme beauty and life through time, and so many different energies that have been part of the castle in different eras. For the last 20 years though, the castle has been uninhabited and neglected, left to its own rest. And now the castle has been screaming to wake up, to live again in splendour and joy and it is ready to offer endless possibilities to this world!