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Whether you only require the castle as a shooting location or if you need support from any part of a production, we are here to assist you and make your shooting experience an unforgettable one!

From photography by Andrea Belluso for anything from fashion to beauty, corporate photography, portraiture, automobiles, interiors, jewelry and appliances, to videography for commercial films, feature movies, corporate or wedding videos,  to art and creative production for advertising, commercials and catalogues, to styling of any type, to hair and make-up artists and even models, we have amazing teams of the highest quality and caliber ready to deliver what you desire and more!

In other words, you can either bring your own production to the castle, or we can bring your one-stop production house for your productions, from the initial idea to the finished printed product or film.

Our services include the following with our team of professionals:

Stills photography by Andrea Belluso
Videography by House of Belluso
Fashion styling
Props and sets styling
Art and creative direction
Hair and make-up artists
Professional models
Location truck with full facilities
Photographic flash lighting by Profoto
Photographic and video equipment
Full production services

Andrea Belluso

Andrea Belluso is an Italian photographer based in London and in Stockholm where he has his studio. He started working in London in 1983 when he did his first job for Italian Condé Nast.  Since then he has had Paris and Milan as home bases. Feeling at home both in the studio and on location his long list of international clients has made him travel all over the world on commissioned shoots.

Andrea also works as film director, producer and editor with many broadcasted television hours worldwide.

Andrea Belluso also holds lectures and seminars across the Globe and he is also known as “the Light Shaper” by the main photographic lighting company in the world Profoto because of his unique expertise in photographic lighting.

Andrea is also an ambassador for Non-Violence Project as well as being an ambassador for the world’s leading medium format camera brand Phase One.

Apart from his commercial work Andrea also publishes photographic art books and holds photographic art exhibitions.

Andrea Belluso is also part of House of Belluso, a company not only representing him but also organizing all sorts of stills and video productions around the world, but also providing inspirational online content on www.houseofbelluso.com
To see more work by Andrea Belluso visit www.belluso.com